Attractive Interlocking Decking Tiles For A Spectacular Backyard.

Advantages Of Professional Interlocking Decking Tiles

One method to provide your balcony or little patio location a budget-friendly transformation is to choose our modular interlocking decking tile.

Interlocking deck tiles are the ideal choice for terraces with a reduced clearance in between the area to be decked and the door limit as the tiles determine simply 23.5 mm from the ground, making them ideal for circumstances where a raised deck is impractical. They are so easy to set up, anyone can do it! Just slot each tile into the next one and location onto almost any flat or hardstanding surface area. No extra repairings are required, and our tile is available with complementary edge or corner trims which just clip to the sides or corners of the external row of tiles to supply a smooth, safe, angled transition between the tile and the flooring surface area.

Roof gardens, terraces and yard gardens

Our hard-wearing composite tiles are a long lasting and cost-effective choice for locations such as roofing gardens, yard gardens and terraces. The speed at which the tiles can be laid also makes them ideal for quickly invigorating outside areas. Both DIYers and experienced contractors can transform these areas by developing spectacular tiled decking areas in next to no time at all.

Thanks to their blend of high density polyethylene based resins and recovered wood, our composite tiles are UV steady and will for that reason not lose their colour even in sun-soaked areas. Whether you are thinking about decking a domestic or business location, you can be sure that you are making an exceptional financial investment.

Little decking locations

Our flexible composite tiles are an excellent financial investment for little decking locations as they have actually an expected life expectancy in excess of 25 years. You don't need to worry about extensive preparation of the location to be decked as the tiles can be laid on any existing flat hardstanding location. These tiles interlock rapidly and easily without the need for screws, nails or bonds and will never require pricey and time consuming painting, staining or oiling. Small decking areas can be simply and cost effectively boosted with our tiles.

This fantastic tile, shown here in Teak fast and simple to fit and can be provided with straight and corner edge trims for a neat and attractive surface.

Decking over existing outdoor patio areas

The mix of the stunning conventional appearance of wood and toughness of wood plastic composite makes our tiles the suitable for both new setups or for tiling over an undesirable or undesirable patio location. Their sophisticated product composition meets the contemporary standards set by designers, designers and specifiers. All you require is a current firm, flat, hardstanding surface area to install our composite tiles.

Once you have actually chosen your last design and have actually added your interlocking corner and edge ramps as needed, you will be ready to delight in the benefits of composites for your outdoor patio, balcony or garden locations. The deck tiles are accuracy made modules which are safely connected to a plastic grid base using rust resistant screws. The base permits water to drain under the decking tiles without constraint and its open structure provides outstanding air blood circulation, preventing mould, mildew and algae from taking hold.

Floor covering for sheds, altering rooms or outbuildings

Decking tile composite decking tiles are likewise an excellent option for sheds, altering spaces or sheds thanks to their ease of installation. Commercial enterprises consisting of vacation parks, leisure centres and amusement park can also benefit check my site by fitting the decking tile to facilities where security requirements and excellent drain are an important element. Without any journey threats such as nails or screws on the surface area, our tiles are a trustworthy and reliable option to traditional materials. The strength of our interlocking patio tiles originates from their inbuilt connecting tabs, which allow them to be merely and promptly connected together to develop a 'drifting' surface area.

The Tile revealed here in Charcoal are perfect for short-lived applications. Likewise readily available in Teak.

Multiple-use floorings for exhibit stands or marquees

Our composite deck tiles can be collaborated in seconds and make ideal short-term flooring for marquees or exhibition stands. Our Tiles can be laid in two instructions to develop a distinct pattern and are offered in two colours (teak and charcoal) to suit your requirements.

The composite tiles come in a basic size of 305mm long x 305mm large x 23.5 mm thick, and have matching corner edge and straight edge ramps. When complete, this creates a lovely surface area which has the natural appearance of wood and the long-lasting homes of a composite.

Our decking tiles are likewise an environmentally-friendly choice. Manufactured utilizing a mix of up to 87% recycled wood and plastics, our Tile helps to protect the natural world by lowering the quantity of waste sent to land fill. Our pledge to preserve the environment is likewise shown by our position as the very first timber composite provider to become FSC ® 100% licensed, providing you excellent comfort.

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